With the current housing market being as it is, more property owners are staying put and are making the decision to renovate and upgrade their existing home. Home owners can transform their lives by transforming their personal space. While they likely knew from the first phone call that making changes to their home and yard would result in increased personal satisfaction, we know from long experience that it can be hard to truly grasp how much of a change even simple tweaks can bring about until they are finally experienced firsthand.

A good place to start with any outdoor renovation is with the fencing by asking yourself a few simple questions.

Is my existing fencing fitting its purpose? If not consider having it upgraded or replaced.

Is my existing fence in good repair and going to last well into the future? If not bring it up to scratch by carrying out repairs where required or if too far gone consider replacing it with a long lasting, low maintenance Probuild Technologies PVC Fence

Are my outdoor areas well defined or protected where required? Where space allows it consider installing Privacy Screens; A protective fence around the kids play area or vegie patch and if you have pets such as a dog maybe consider clearly defining their space in the yard by installing an attractive and robust Probuild Technologies PVC Fence.

Do I have enough space in my backyard? In this day and age of existing older properties being subdivided into smaller lots, home owners are finding that, what used to be a large area at the rear of their property has been diminished. Consider installing a fence at the front of your property to utilise what is usually a large waste of usable space. This can be complimented with a matching gate/s to add piece of mind and security so that the kids and pets can use that area while being safely contained. Installing an attractive looking Probuild Technologies PVC Fence will help you achieve this as well as adding value to your property. It is just like framing a picture, it will completely change the look and street appeal of your property.

What Other Features Can I Add to Make My Outdoor Space Better? Once the fencing plan is in place, it’s then time to turn to other aspects that can bring about that sense of peace, calm and restoration a well-designed backyard offers. I might suggest a water feature, such as a fountain or small koi pond, a fire pit to enjoy on chilly nights, installation of ceiling fans over a deck area to provide relief when the weather warms, fragrant blooming greenery and subtle outside lighting that can soothe the senses and add visual beauty. Investing in comfortable deck furniture, a BBQ or outdoor kitchen area for parties and gatherings and even a spa or pool can also contribute to a retreat-like atmosphere in a backyard space.



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