Welcome to the Probuild Technologies Pine Pole Fencing Information page.

Probuild Technologies uses Permapole Treated Pine Poles for its standard rural fencing and for the “Homestead”fencing system. Here is a brief explanation of the pine pole products available.

Permapole Standard (CCA) products are treated to comply with the Australian Standard H4 for preservation of timber which means they are suitable for in ground use and non structural applications

pinepole1PINE POLE: Pine poles have a slightly variable diameter from 1 end to the other, diameters range from 50-70mm up to 200-225mm and the length ranges from 1.8metres long to 4.2 metres long. This product is suitable for all rural fencing types and vineyard posts.

pinepole2 PINE ROD: Pine Rods are machined to a constant diameter rangingfrom 75mm to 175mm and the available lengths range from 1.2metres to 3.6metres except for the 75mm diameter pole which is available in 1.8metre and 2.4metre lengths only.

pinepole3Homestead Fencing: This is a fencing system of consistent diameter posts and rails which are easily assembled and ideal for rural and semi-rural fencing. This system is available in Single Rail, Two Rail and Three Rail options. Homestead Fencing is custom produced to order and usually has a lead time of 2 to 4 weeks.

pinepole4Bollards: Smaller length posts of constant diameter and domed top, rebates can also be added for extra effect. These are often used by councils and park authorities to prevent vehicle access to recreation areas. These are also custom produced to order and usually have a lead time of 2 to 4 weeks.